Shipwrecks off Long Beach

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During the 40 years prior to 1878 more than 125 ships are known to have wrecked in the vicinity of Long Beach Island and left their bones on the beach. This stretch of coastline is truly the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

The Spanish frigate “Sagunto wrecked on the southeast point of Smuttynose Island in January 1813. Fifteen of her crew survived the wreck and reached the island only to freeze to death. Several silvers bars have been found among the rocks in shallow water near the island. These are believed to have come from the unfortunate “Sagunto”.

The “City of Athens”, with $300,000 in her strong room, lies off Cape May at the southern tip of New Jersey.

In 1769 the schooner “Live Oak” went down off Squaw Beach carrying $20,000 in specie for the British troops in America.