Whether on land or sea- what you bring is almost as important as what you know. Vital to every successful explorer or treasure hunter are the treasure hunting equipment he or she brings to the expedition. a list of suggested treasure hunting equipment needed to successfully locate hidden treasure from a mine or shipwreck.

We recommend you purchase two of the most vital reference books on signs and symbols before you begin your journey. These books are the “Dictionary of Symbolism, Cultural Icons & The Meanings Behind Them” by Hans Biedermann, and also purchase “Symbols, Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms” by Carl G. Liungman. We have proven in the field that these are the two best books on the subject available today. All of the symbols used by the Spanish in the field are included in these books along with pictographic meanings.

We will be updating this page to include the very best treasure hunting equipment available that we have tested in the field or are willing to test in the field at the manufacturers request with links that you can click on and go direct to the manufacturer to purchase. (Check back often for our recommendations).

  • Land Sites
  • Measuring equipment.
  • When we are looking for Hidden Spanish Gold or Silver Mines in the wilds of North America we have found it very difficult to do measuring up steep cliffs and hillsides with very thick tree cover.
  • We solved this problem by testing very extensively the DeWALT Bluetooth Laser Distance Measuring tool which is good for up to 660 ft. We have used this amazing tool in all types of terrain and weather and it has not let us down at any time so we would highly recommend if you need measuring equipment to work in the bush Purchase the DeWALT 660′ Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer
  • Allegheny Instruments
  • This company has everything you are going to need to get inside one of these hidden Royal mines without endangering yourselves. They have some fantastic borehole equipment for sale and are full of information on the solutions to the multiple problems you may encounter.
  • They can also refer you to a company that will rent the type of equipment they sell. See the below link: 
  • There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies that you won’t need until you have proven that what you seek is indeed in that location and have photos to prove it. We highly recommend this company for all your needs. Just contact their sales manager Jeff Hoffer @ Allegheny Instruments
  • UltaLight Aircraft. We need to find a drone with compass bearing ability and distance measuring with a good camera.  We recommend the Mavic Air 
  • ATV’s- There are several different models and we need to test for the perfect one to use in the toughest terrain. We are recommending Odes Industries for the latest in ATVS/UTVS that can handle the type of rough terrain that we deal with

ODES Industries


  • Winches – Check out the winches available at Cabela’s .   Image View their products on their web site here        
  • A must have is the Kwik-way towable backhoe Dirtmaster for digging in the bush, you can use a winch to haul it up the side of a mountain.
  • Camping equipment- The best
  • Water containers-Testing
  • First Aid Kits-Testing
  • Weapons-Tested,Glock and Sig Sauer.
  • Out Door Clothing-Testing
  • Lap Tops- Dell or Lenovo
  • Cell Phones- Samsung seems to have the apps we need and gets good satellite coverage for the compass app. 
  • Satellite up links
  • Portable scanners
  • Tools-Testing various
  • Off Road vehicles. Ford, Dodge Ram, Chev
  • FORD 4×4 long bed trucks, We can’t say enough about these trucks for working in really tough terrain in the bush. We have been working with these trucks since 1990 and have never had them let us down, we have one with over 300,000 miles still starts with a click of the key and not burning any oil as yet. They are tough and will climb up the side of a mountain with no problems.Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums


Gas operated post hole diggers