Lake of the Golden Bar

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In August of 1884 three prospectors started across the St.Elias Mountains near the Yukon River. One evening the men came to a small lake and saw golden rays beaming in the sunlight from a bar only a few feet from the shore. Throwing down their packs the men swam to the bar and found it paved with gold nuggets. The prospectors built a cabin and remained at the lake for weeks, picking up golden nuggets and stowing them in a nearby cave. They estimated their hoard at a half a ton or more of the precious metal. Indians, probably some of the fierce Tlinghet tribes who inhabited the area, burned the cabin and killed one of the partners. The other two prospectors escaped but became separated. Without provisions, each started alone for civilization, finally reaching the United States. One prospector was paralyzed as a result of the hardships he had undergone during the trip. The other started back for Alaska the next summer in the hope of recovering the gold the three had accumulated. He was never heard from again, and his fate remains a mystery. The lost gold laden river bar has never been relocated.