Florida Treasure Sites

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This is a stone map that the Spanish artists/stone masons designed to use at the site of the Plate Fleet losses of 1715 and 1733.

If you look closely in the area to the right of the red arrows on the body of the stone you will see the outline of a Golden Boot.

This boot in symbolic terms represents the Spanish purse and the gold color represents gold.

These map makers were master stone masons and artists and capable of carving any type of information they wished onto stone or wood in a pictographic manner. This map contains many hidden pictographic images that once interpreted properly show you where the entrances are located to the underground treasure vaults that contain the salvaged gold.

We have also found another map stone at the Southern point of the site that represents all the silver that was salvaged from the wrecks and hidden in underground treasure storage vaults.

This stone map uses a different color scheme to represent the silver but also uses the Spanish Boot as the purse.

We are posting photos of both these stone maps below for your enjoyment, it’s much like working to solve a puzzle but you must use the proper symbolic interpretation of the pictographic images.

The photo below shows you a Gator looking at you, and the back of the gator is a silver boot laying on it’s side. This is the main stone marker map in a series of five stone map markers at the center of the site to show you where the silver has been stashed in vaults. There are hundreds of these treasure storage sites throughout the USA, Central and South America. The Indian Head represents an Inca Indian with mud on the back of his head to represent the earth, and the Wolf is the same stone from a different angle, and in symbolism represents the Wolf guarding the Western door to the underground vaults. The Skull stone shows that entrance as having a death trap, and the mans face on the stone is to let you know that it is not something designed by nature, but has been carved by man. There are two Heart stones and one is made with fired pottery and has bite marks on the heart that tells you to pay attention and look for a bite near the entrance where the ocean has created a bite in the sand bluffs on 70 degrees which was a nautical term. This heart sits in the East on the 66 degrees close to the ocean but @ 425 feet from center and it represents a stash of unregistered gold bars and jewlery. There is another Stone heart that was found concealed in the same way within a tree which represented a cross @ 50 degrees, and it was included with a white circle stone and a small square carved stone all @ 375 feet from center. The third cross tree was in the center of these two @ 58 degrees. These stones are loaded with symbolism and must be examined from all angles using different shadow and light and magnification.