Lost Gold and Silver Mine

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Treasure Stories | 0 comments

Sometime during the 1950s two deer hunters discovered an old mine shaft in Clay County. The mine, which they explored, proved to have a very rich vein of gold. There were also relics of mining nearby to indicate that at one time it had been worked, but not recently. The shaft was in a heavily wooden area and was well concealed. It had been pure luck that they found it.

They were naturally excited about the find and completely forgot about hunting deer. When they left the area they vowed they would return and reopen the mine, but they failed to take into account the terrain and the identifying markers to lead them back. The two men returned to their jobs and waited until they again had the time to return, but when they finally did return to the area, they could no longer find the mine shaft. This mine is still waiting to be found.