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Shipwrecks: The shipwrecks section contains information on various wrecks including the American brig “Baltic”. This ship sank in the great Bahamian hurricane of 1866. She was on her way from Europe to Galveston, Texas, via New York and carried a general cargo of English, Scottish, French, and German china, porcelain, medical instruments, pharmaceutical supplies, and food stuffs. The ship was found almost fully intact, buried under a protective layer of sand. As a member you will be able to view various artifacts recovered from the “Baltic” in the Museum section.

Signs & Symbols:
They say learning is half the battle. To be a good treasure hunter you must learn to identify symbols used by the ancients and carved into the land mass on stones and trees to find their way back to gold and silver mines they had located in the wilderness of the New World.

This was before there were topographical maps of the areas, and they needed some method to lead them back to their high yield gold and silver mines. Understanding this ancient mapping procedure will lead you to your ultimate goal.

Knowledge is the treasure that can lead to other treasures.

Treasure Sites:
Aside from Shipwrecks, treasure sites can lead to a number of valuable finds. Here you can view an ancient symbolic map carved into the landscape that will show you the route leading to millions of dollars in gold and silver.

Treasure Shop:
Want to find the treasure in this site? Look no further. When you become a member you will be able to purchase certain items recovered from shipwrecks. From time to time we may be offering items recovered from various mines and treasure storage vaults.

The essence and beauty of an artifact, once found, can truly be appreciated in a museum setting. When you become a member you will be able to view a number of artifacts recovered from shipwreck sites. Here you will learn who manufactured the item, when it was manufactured and it’s historic journey.

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Member Lounge:
For the ultimate treasure hunter, membership has its privileges. When you become a member you help our organization. You will have access to a variety of features including viewing premium content and having access to the wizard. You can participate in question and answer sessions on the symbolic mapping process used by the ancients on various treasure sites around the world. As a member you will have full access to the forum to chat with other HSS members and post photos on various treasure topics.

Treasure hunting requires the proper tools. Need to learn about the tools of the trade? Planning an expedition? Look no further than this page. We will be recommending what we believe to be the very best tools and equipment available on the market today, and the manufacturers who stand by their products.

HSS Canada:
Aside from a location within the United States, HSS also has a presence in Canada where we have found numerous symbolic mapping sites. Want to learn more about HSS Canada- here is where you need to be.

HSS Costa Rica:
From Canada to the United States HSS has a lot to offer. HSS Costa Rica is no different. HSS Costa Rica offers many symbolic mapped sites of shipwrecks and treasure storage vaults. This country is a treasure to all those who visit it. The HSS staff have visited many times and made many friends in this beautiful country. An office is planned in the Southern portion of this country once a suitable location is found.

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Thirsting for more info? We have compiled a detailed list of various websites you can use to learn about and find various treasure.

Going once, going twice….. SOLD. From time to time when fundraising, we will auction off various valuable items online. Visit here often to find just the right item. The money we raise through our auctions will help our organization.