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Some of the well hidden symbols on the Hidden Spanish Gold Mine in Georgia include a large cross with a 7 on the right bar with a deg marker next to the seven. BUT the trick here is that 357 is really their North so seven deg NE is really 4 deg NE and I’m thinking 455 feet is the distance until I see them tell me a different distance.

Five more important compass bearings they show are 203 deg, 200 deg, 273 deg 257 deg and 217 deg. You have to keep the 3 deg between 357 and 360 in mind with these so their 200 deg would actually be our 197 deg. Their 203 deg would be our 200 deg .Their 273 deg would be our 270 deg. Their 257 deg would be our 254 deg and their 217 deg would be our 214 deg.

Remember, the complexity is in the simplicity

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