Signs & Symbols Books

Excellent reference books on lost mines and treasures, signs and symbols, and shipwrecks. These books are required reading for the understanding of symbolism and how it was used by the Spanish to map the locations of their mines and shipwrecks in the New World.

Books written by Charles A. Kenworthy
Published in the United States by Quest Publishing, P.O. Box 260100, Encino, CA 91426

“Treasure, Signs, Symbols, Shadow and Sun Signs”

“Spanish Monuments and Trail markers to Treasure in the United States”

“Death Traps to Treasure, Spanish and Mexican Mine Traps, Warning Signs and Symbols”

“Unfound Treasures of Mexico”

“Treasure Secrets of the Lost Dutchman”

Charles Kenworthy is one of the most respected and well known authors of books on the explanation of signs and symbols used by the Spanish to hide their many mines and treasures in the New World.

His books are a must for anyone who has an interest in the historical aspect of the Spanish mapping system in the New World. They are an excellent reference guide for any treasure hunter.

Although Mr. Kenworthy has passed away, his son Chuck Jr. is faithfully carrying on the work of his father.

“The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythology 1892”

Author: Richard Payne Knight
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing Co., Montana

A great reference book and well researched

“Following The Signs – A Treasure Hunters Handbook”

Author: Dayne Chastain
Publisher: Tiwinke Publishing, Seminole, OK 74868

A great reference book and well written by a person who has spent a lifetime researching signs and symbols in the field.