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This web site was designed to help educate others on the fascinating world of treasure hunting. Here you can learn about various signs and symbols that the Spanish carved into the landmass to be used as mapping codes to lead them back to their many hidden treasures.


Historic Sites and Shipwrecks Restoration and Preservation Society, Inc, is a not-for-profit Florida Corporation. It was incorporated in 1993 for the purpose of researching and locating lost mines and shipwrecks. Also recovering, restoring and displaying important artifacts of historic interest.

Our most recent project has been the research and partial recovery of the cargo from an American brig called the Baltic. This ship sank in the great Bahamian hurricane of 1866. She was on her way from Europe to Galveston Texas, via New York and carried a general cargo of English, Scottish, French and German China and porcelain housewares, medical instruments, pharmaceutical supplies and food stuffs. The ship was found almost fully intact, buried under a protective layer of sand. The “Baltic” is probably the only vessel of its era to be found in such pristine condition in the Western Hemisphere. A showing of the items which are in pristine condition was held at a Southern Florida museum.  A docu-drama has been produced on the history of the ship and her cargo for the Discovery Learning Channel by Andrew Solt Productions, Los Angeles, California.

HSS History

Historic Sites & Shipwrecks Restoration and Preservation Society, Inc was incorporated by Mr. Tim Brodie in 1993. Mr. Brodie has been involved in researching and locating lost mines and shipwrecks and historical land sites for some thirty-five years.

One of the first projects HSS began researching was an ill fated French mining expedition of the late 1700’s in the mountains of Colorado. Sixty Frenchmen established a survey and mining operation in the wilderness, three hundred miles from the nearest civilized outpost. The majority of this party was massacred by the Ute Indians over a two year period. The twelve remaining survivors attempted to escape to French Louisiana to enlist help from the Governor. They wanted to return and recover the vast amount of bullion they had mined, along with their equipment and animals. Of these twelve, only two survived the journey. One of these two died of his wounds within the next few months. The other remaining member of the party was unable to enlist the help needed from the Governor to return to the mining camp. This camp, the bullion, saddles, mining equipment, and weapons etc. remain hidden to this day. The project was halted in early 1994 due to the accidental death of Mr. Brodie’s partner, however plans have been made to restart the expedition in the future.

Mid 1994 found Mr. Brodie working on the west coast of Florida. He was working to recover a sunken barge of Spanish silver bars, and to restore a Spanish fort and settlement nearby. This project ceased when proper permits and government approval were not forthcoming. It was decided that as the area is very environmentally sensitive we would leave it undisturbed.

Since late 1994 to present Historic Sites and Shipwrecks has been involved in the “Baltic” project- the research, preservation and display of thousands of artifacts recovered from the 1866 shipwreck in Bahamian waters. Future plans include the recovery, preservation and display of the almost fully intact vessel. A docudrama has been produced on the history of the ship and her cargo for the Discovery Learning Channel by Andrew Solt Productions, Los Angeles, California.

HSS Website

The HSS website was designed to not only raise funds for its Youthful Empowerment Program but to also educate others on the fascinating world of treasure hunts. The site acts as not only a promotional tool but an educational one as well. Here you can learn about various signs and symbols. In addition you can “chat” with other HSS members to not only learn from one another but to also join forces and start your own expeditions.

As time grows we will be expanding this site’s content and features and look forward to creating the ultimate treasure finding website. In essence we hope this site becomes a treasure in and of itself.

We have tried to include information on these various subjects and we will be adding them to the site:
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Also included will be English Staffordshire porcelain and china, spatter ware, sponge ware and English ironstone; porcelain inkwells from Thuringia Germany, along with many china and porcelain items dating from the 1800s; Civil war era cathedral pickle bottles, Civil war era medicine bottles, Civil war era medical equipment, umbrella ink bottles, Civil war era glassware from Boston Sandwich and Glass Works and examples of Deming Jarves glassware from the Cape Cod Glass Company , Stoneware jugs of three sizes manufactured in New York, food stuff jars, lots of antique pottery,

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