“Little Goss” Cave

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A cave known locally as “Little Goss” was named for one Hugh Goss, it’s first owner. Little Goss is near Greenville, about three miles off Highway 150 on route 335. The cave has two entrances and three levels. From a lookout point above the lower entrance one man could hold off any army, so the spot was a perfect place for outlaws. Tradition has it that the Reno gang of train robbers used the cave as a hiding place. The gang is believed to have hidden money from robberies in or around the cave.

Indians also live in Little Goss. Several Indian mounds are in the vicinity, and numerous native artifacts have been found near the cave.

No one can decipher the symbols chiseled on a large rock at one of the entrances to the cave. Nobody knows whether the horseshoe, star, footprint, left hand print, arrow and circle were carved there by Indians or outlaws, but it is quite probable that they were directions to hidden treasure The cave and land around it are now owned by Edmond Drabel who does not permit anyone to examine the places of interest on his property without permission.