Haunted Woods Treasure

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“Haunted Woods” is in Matthews County and there are two very good treasure locations there.

About five miles from the town of Matthews Court House is a wooded area locally called “Haunted Woods” or “Old House Woods.” A large treasure consisting of coins and jewelry is supposed to be hidden in this area. The treasure was collected by English Major General Charles Cornwallis during his southern advance and before his surrender to the American Colonials at Yorktown. According to legend, Cornwallis (before becoming surrounded at Yorktown and Glouchester Point) sent six soldiers with a wagon to bury this treasure. The men buried the wagon load of contraband estimated at over $1,000,000 in the area of “Haunted Woods.” On their way back to Yorktown they were ambushed and killed by members of the French Navy who were fighting with the Colonials. With them died the location of Cornwallis’ treasure.

Another treasure believed to be buried in the “Haunted Woods” is that of England’s King Charles II during the late 1600s. Charles anticipated an attempt to take his throne so he sent several trusted men to Virginia to bury a large hoard so that if necessary, he could flee to the colonies and have money to live on. It is known that among King Charles’ treasure was a collection of ancient Roman coins that would be priceless today.

King Charles’ men were supposed to go to Jamestown, find a likely spot, bury the treasure and return. Instead they made a mistake in navigation, sailed up Chesapeake Bay and supposedly buried the treasure near the mouth of White Creek in the area of “Haunted Woods.” King Charles had them executed for their mistake when they returned to England. The secret of the treasure location was lost.