Nothing captures the imagination like a good mystery. For hundreds of years, people have been on the hunt for treasure. Whether in a pyramid or a secret island, searching for the missing or unknown has driven hundreds and thousands.

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On this Shipwreck page you can also read tales of numerous shipwrecks lost with vast cargos of Gold, Silver and other treasures. These treasures will be re-discovered and salvaged now that new technology provides us the equipment to gain access to the extreme depths of the worlds oceans. Some of these treasures have already been recovered by such well known pioneers as Mel Fisher of Key West Florida who recovered the Spanish shipwreck Atocha worth millions; Tommy Thompson who recovered the SS Central America off the Carolinas, and the well known group out of Tampa Florida who recovered the Republic and just recently brought up millions in Silver from a shipwreck off Gibraltor.

As funding becomes available, HSS plans to become a member of this very exclusive and successful group of pioneer deep sea recovery specialists.

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1760 – During an attack by an English fleet commanded by Captain Byron, twenty-five French ships were sunk in Chaleur Bay, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, on July 8. Twenty-two of the ships were small vessels carrying provisions and stores; the other three were warships: “Marchault”, 32 guns, “Bienfaisant”, 22 guns, and “Marquis Marloze”, 18 guns.

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The Baltic

The Brig “Baltic” was an American general merchant ship, a wooden two masted vessel with brigantine rig. Her weight was 281 tons. She was built in Camden, Maine in 1854. Her owner was William H. Hooper of Camden, Maine.

On September 17th, 1866 she was headed for Galveston,Texas after clearing customs in New York and loading additional cargo and medical supplies along with her European cargo of porcelain, china, alcohol and food stuffs. The great Bahamian hurricane of October 1st, 1866 caught the “Baltic”, she floundered and sank on the reef off Eleuthera, Bahamas. It was believed that as she was in a sinking condition her master John Maddocks decided to beach her in order to save his crew. As she settled in shallow water during the storm she was completely buried in sand and her top cabin and masts with sails set were broken off and blown onto the beach at Eleuthera.

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British frigate, flagship of Sir Richard Grenville, foundered June 29, 1585, in twelve fathoms, in Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina, with an estimated $1,000,000 in Gold bullion and specie.