Pirates Buried Treasure Stories

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Many of the Jersey beaches are located on outer islands ranging in length from a few hundred feet to many miles. Legend has it that the vicinity of Long Beach and others was once the stomping grounds for pirates from many ports of the Spanish Main. They sought shelter from the rigors of the open seas in the secluded back bays of the islands.

Contrary to popular opinion, pirates did not bury their treasure in the sand dunes. Such locations were too obvious, as other buccaneers might come along and dig it up. Also, the winds shifted and changed the landscape almost daily. Instead they usually buried their treasure back on the mainland, in the nearby forests, in the vicinity of a large tree, or rock, that could easily be remembered at a later time. It is a known fact that the notorious Captain Teach, better known as “Blackbeard”, made his headquarters at various times near Long Beach. It is believed by many that he buried large amounts of treasure here before he was killed at Ocracoke, North Carolina, in 1718.

It is also rumored that the pirate John Bacon and his crew buried treasure on Long Beach during the 1780s.