Wizard Monk

The “Wizard Monk” represents a group of monks who were known as the “Magicians” by their fellow monks due to their artistic abilities. This secret society was active from the 1500’s thru the mid 1800’s. History of their society dates back to the 1200’s.

The Magicians were 33rd degree Freemasons, highly trained masonic artists who worked with stone and wood and who were also trained in alchemy and numerous other sciences. They utilized their talents in the service of royalty for most of the major powers in the World. The masonic artists were capable of disguising anything they designed to blend with nature.

The Spanish crown and the church in Rome utilized their talents to do all the major mapping of lost shipwreck sites, burial sites, and mining sites in the new world. This was accomplished through a complex system of signs and symbols that they designed for use in a mapping system. They practiced the theory of hiding something in plain sight.

With their talents in stone masonry the masonic artists created a universal symbolic language of signs and symbols which could easily be hidden within nature itself, and only viewed in the proper light and shadow, from the proper distance. These monks were from many different parts of the world and spoke many languages but the only language that was totally necessary to understand was the language of symbols and they could communicate very well with each other with the language of symbolism.

This work incorporated the individual artist’s life experiences for the sake of identification of the individual artist at a later time, and as a safety feature to ensure the same system of symbolism was not used all the time, and on every site. This also allowed the viewer to determine what era the work was created in. For instance, if a particular monk had spent a lot of time in China and was familiar with Chinese symbolism, he would use it on a site in the new world. It was quite unlikely that anyone would be familiar with that type of symbolism. It was also a way of narrowing down the odds of someone stumbling onto the symbolic map and being able to decipher it.

Within the United States alone there are several thousand sites containing fantastic art, hidden within mountain ranges, and other areas of the country and used to hide a particular gold or silver mine, or a graveyard and treasure storage site, designed and built in the area of a major shipwreck.

If one knows where to look on these sites he can find a carving in stone of the “Magician” very similar to the one you see here on our website.