Compass Bearing Symbols

If you are trying to determine a direction using a color you must first determine what type of symbolism they are using such as Mayan, Chinese etc.

Following are some of the symbols that were used on the site we have worked on in Florida. As you can see when interpreted, most of these symbols refer to the dead and the Islands of the Blessed so it was quite evident once we started working on the site that we were dealing with a burial ground. However they did note within the symbolism that the vault system was also used for treasure storage.

Alpha and OmegaLeft and Right. Beginning and end.
AnchorA device symbolizing sea Gods. An image of trust and confidence. An indicator of occupation marking the graves of sailors.
AndrogenBoth man and woman. A creature of both sexes. It represents duality's, opposites.
AxA weapon wielded by gods of the sky or of thunder. The symbol of Joseph the carpenter. The double headed ax may be associated with the half moon.
Beards/MustachesSymbols of manhood, heroes, kings and gods. In the art of ancient Europe hostile Celts were almost always portrayed with mustaches.
BirdsIn symbology mostly positive associations. Exceptions however include the stymphalian birds, swamp dwellers representing fever demons. Represents a change of direction.
BookA book can symbolize the eight precious things in ancient China. The four evangelists usually appear with their symbolic animals writing books in the modern sense. In Freemasonry the book of holy law, the bible, lies next to the law book of the great lodge. These are two of the great lights. The others are the carpenter's square and the drafting compass.
CamelA symbol of the humble Christian. It joins the water buffalo, the elephant and the tiger in mourning the death of Buddha.
CoralCoral is like a precious stone in popular symbology, especially red coral. Polished coral was associated with Mars. It was believed to provide immunity against poison.
CrocodileSuggestive of that of the dragon. A dangerous water predator. Came to symbolize the jaws of hell. Western symbol.
Death SymbolsDrawings of death ships, dolphins and seahorses, frequently replaced by demonic figures (Charon, with his hammer resembling a double headed ax, or Tuchulcha, with snakes in his hands that resemble devils.) Skeletons and skulls, dry bones. In Greek Art a church ship with anchor, cross as a mast and dove. The olive branch, the snail sleeping in it's grave-like shell, and the butterfly. The scythe or sickle of the grim reaper. He also carries a bow and arrow, weapons of death or an hourglass. Black is a symbolic color of death or, in the far east, the white Lilly. A skeleton with a scythe or a bow and arrow often in a monks cowl.
DevilOften shown with a second face on his buttocks, a nose like a vultures beak, pointed ears, wings, tusk like teeth carrying a hammer as a symbol of death, features of the goat, horns, legs, tail. Portrayed with horses hooves. As the prince of this world whose back however is being devoured by toads, snakes and worms, dragons, lion, fox occasionally portrayed with three faces. Creatures belonging to Satan are red bird, reddish squirrel, the basilisk, and the cuckoo.
DogThe guardian. Dogs were supposed to accompany the dead across the ninefold river to the underworld. The dog God Xolotl accompanied the sun into the West as it sank into the jaws of the earth.
DolphinWas an attribute of the sea God Poseidon, related to shipwrecks, often bears the souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed
DonkeyIt symbolizes all that is humble and gentle. In the old testament number 22 is important, it symbolizes the gentiles, the ox and the Jews.
DovesThe holy spirit is almost always portrayed in the form of a dove. Christ is our most eloquent spiritual dove.
DragonLike winged crocodiles or gigantic snakes. In Christian symbology the dragon embodies the diabolical element of the Satanic Lucifer. Often associated with fire. The turquoise dragon was the symbol of the East and the rising sun. The white dragon symbolized the West, and death. Often shown playing with a pearl, the thunder ball.
Duality'sPairs of opposites
DuckAs underwater often ducks do dive, might sinner luckless, choose a watery grave, were not god present, life and soul to save.
EagleThe king of birds, often bestowed with two heads (the double eagle). The eagle was associated with the Sun God however also appears above the Wolf, guarding the Western door. In Christian iconography the eagle appears frequently as a symbol of John the evangelist and the resurrected Christ. The eagle generally has only positive associations. In Freemasonry the double headed eagle is the symbol of the 33rd degree of the Scottish rite with a crown atop the two heads and a sword held horizontally in its two claws. An eagle on a rock was the symbol of a warrior poised for hand to hand combat. An eagle on a pine tree that of longevity. The eagle on a field of gold refers to God the Father. The eagle became the symbol for St. John the evangelist. The eagle represents the South.
Eastfish, the letter G, Poseidon the sea God with a mustache, lion, rising sun or ball, Greek cross, vulture and Virgin Mary, turquoise dragon or alligator. Sometimes the lion was replaced by the cow, horse, ape or baboon
ElephantWas considered a victory symbol over death. Christ, the holy and spiritual elephant
EyeThe Sun is understood to be an all seeing eye or is symbolized by an eye. In Christian iconography the eye, surrounded by sun beams or inside a triangle with its apex pointing upward, is a well known symbol of divine omnipresence or of the trinity.
FishSymbolizes the unconscious. Is a symbol of Jesus Christ. Fish was also a symbol of good luck. In medieval art a legendary fisherman named Trinacria with three bodies with a common head was interpreted as a symbol of the trinity. Fish are common attributes of saints. An Eastern symbol.
FootprintIt was believed in the Christian religion that hollows in the surface of stone (often of natural origin) were footprints of gods, heroes, prophets and saints.
ForestSymbolizes a dangerous place. Often symbolizes the feminine and the yearning for a place of refuge.
FourAssociated with the cross and the square.
GateSymbolizes not only entrances but also the spaces hidden behind them. The Virgin Mary symbolizes the gateway to heaven. The Christian symbolic tradition of the gate goes back to Christ's words in the gospel according to St. John "I am the door. By me, if any man enter in he shall be saved."
GoatPulls the chariot of the Norse thunder God Thor. Most of the devils physical traits in Christian iconography are taken from the goat. The devil appears as a male goat.
GrailIn Jungian psychology the grail is a symbol of the feminine, a sort of spiritual womb for all who give themselves over to its mystery. The poison Grail was sometimes substituted for the eagle as St. John's symbol.
HairPopularly believed to be the carrier of the life force. Red hair was often considered diabolical.
HammerThe weapon of the Norse God of thunder. On gravestones to ward off evil. Similar in form to the Egyptian Tau or T (Cross). In Freemasonry it is the tool of the master of the lodge and of the two foreman. A pick symbolizes the work to be done on the rough stone (the apprentice). In reference to mining, a crossed hammer and pick on maps toppled or reverse indicates an abandoned mine.
HandThe right hand is associated with white magic, and the path to the left hand with black magic. The right hand with three fingers extended symbolizes an oath (As God is my witness). In Freemasonry intertwined hands form the fraternal chain. Two hands extended are a sign of brotherhood.
HeartThe center, and the source of all knowledge. The heart in art is stylized with anatomically incorrect "bosom" like upper edges. The heart pierced by an arrow symbolizes the savior.
HeronThe enemy of the eagle and the lark and sacred to the sea God Poseidon. Its appearance was a good omen. Extracted the bone from the wolfs throat. It is thus a symbol for the Christian to emulate. Became a symbol for Christ on the Mount of Olives.
HippopotamusThe River horse. The massive herbivore of the marsh lands.
HorseAssociated with the realm of the dead. It came to symbolize the sun and the East.

IbisA marsh bird with a sickle shaped beak. The curve of its beak has lunar associations (Moon, West)
JanusGuardian of gates and thresholds. He was the guardian of the entrance of the house with a door keeper's staff and a key as his attributes. He was considered a transmitter of knowledge about agriculture. He was portrayed with two faces. One looking forward, one back. The head of Janus has today in some cultures similar symbolic associations to those of the knife that cuts both ways. There are in Central Africa wooden masks with two faces, one with African features, one with European.
JerusalemLatin for Jerusalem is "lost." In the symbolism of Freemasonry it is the site where the temple of Solomon was built. The XVI th degree of the Scottish rite for example is called "Prince of Jerusalem"
KeyIn Freemasonry the key is one of the jewels of office symbolizing the rank of Master or Treasurer. It also appears in a "T" shape resembling a Tau cross or a hammer. The tongue is also spoken of as a key. A key is also the process by which messages are decoded or symbols interpreted.
LionLike the eagle, an animal symbolizing dominion as the king of the beast. Has as its planet the sun (east). Sometimes replaced by the cow. Avoid the temptation of the lion. A symbol of the devils presence in the world. Lion on the right is male and holds a ball or pearl under one paw. On the left, female, holds a cub. Guards the entrances to temples and shrines. Associated with the sun and gold, a royal sign. The lion represents the East.
MoonUsually thought of as female. In the imagery of alchemy Luna represents silver as well as the queen who, when wedded with the King, forms an androgen. The double headed ax with its two wedded blades curving like half moons is often thought of as a Lunar symbol.
MouseRepresents spirit leaving the body at the moment of death. The livers of mice wax and wane with the phases of the moon (Western symbol). Associated symbolically with Satanic demons.
Northbear, cross, 4, knife or sword, turtle, snake, color of black associated with water and north, stag or deer with antlers, mans face with no beard or mustache.
OstrichServed as an analogy for Christ awakening from the tomb. Name literally means "Iron Beard." Also associated with horse shoes.
OwlWatches over the site because it stays awake at night and is thus the special bird of soldiers on watch. The Mayan death God Hunhau is often depicted with a head like an owl's. A harbinger of misfortune. An evil omen
PantherFound throughout the near East and in parts of North Africa. Symbol of Christ. The dragon fears its voice. The black panther is considered especially dangerous. It has eagles claws on its front feet.
PelicanAssociated with Freemasonry. A knight of the Rosae Crucis was also called a knight of the Pelican.
PentacleA five pointed star. Five was a sacred number. Traditionally the pentacle pointing upward is associated with white and downward with black magic. The pentacle of black magic often had a goat's head inscribed in it, the up right or white pentacle, an outline of the human form. The pentacle is of particular significance as the blazing star in the symbology of Freemasonry with beams or flaming clusters in each point of the star and a "G" in the center.
PoseidonGod of the Sea
RatRepresents the human soul. Companion of the God of good fortune. In the Chinese zodiac the rat appears as the first sign, like in the Ram (Aries) in the West. Western symbol
RoosterA magical and sacrificial animal for subterranean powers. Christian's also see him as a symbol of Christ. In Norse mythology the Rooster guards the rainbow bridge leading to the abode of the Gods. An Eastern symbol.
SealThe Book of Revelation is famous as the book of the seven seals which the lamb opens one by one.
ShipIn symbolic tradition the vessel that transports heavenly bodies, especially the Sun, through the heavens. Ships symbolize the voyage to the Islands of the Blessed. The cross is spoken of at times as a mast, at times as the anchor of our hope. Carvings of animal heads appeared on the stems and later the figureheads of ships.
SnakeSymbolizes the underworld and the realm of the dead. The biblical serpent, the embodiment of Satan in the garden of Eden. In Norse mythology a huge snake is wrapped around the earth, a symbol of the sea. Guardians of the treasures of the earth. The snake was the most revered of animals after the cow and the ape. Symbolizes meandering rivers.
Southeagle, the noonday sun, quail, phoenix. To the Mayan the color yellow represented South. Mars was also associated with the color red and fire and South.
StoneStone was a sign of God's presence. They were the bones of Mother Earth. In Freemasonry the unformed rough stone stands for the rank of apprentice. He aspires to become a hewn stone. The key stone of an arch was often engraved with the masters personal "ruin" like insignia.
SwastikaA particular form of cross. It is actually a variation of the cross formed by two axes of a wheel. The bending of the ends of the four arms in a single direction suggests a circular or dynamic movement. The arms can be bent either clock wise or counter clock wise. In ancient China the swastika is a symbol of the four points of the compass. The old Norse emulate refers to as "Thors Hammer" was also formed like a swastika.
Symbols Of Evangelist'sSt. Matthew is symbolized by the Winged Man or Angel. St. Mark by the Lion, St. Luke by the sacrificial animal the calf or Ox and St. John by the Eagle. As for the likeness of their faces, "they four had the face of the man to the front, and the face of the lion on the right side, they four had the face of an ox on the left side, they four also had the face of an eagle to the rear."
TreeThe tree was the original cross. It protects the dove that lives in its shade from the dragon. The Indian tree Peridexion on whose fruit doves feed eagerly but which the snake cannot come near, fleeing even the shadow that the tree casts.
TurtleA sea turtle carries the world on its' back. There was said to be an Ao-shan (Ao Mountain) on the islands of the blessed. Ao was one of the five sacred animals specifically associated with the North, water and winter.
UnicornUsually portrayed as a white deer with a horses mane, cloven hoofs and a spiral horn growing out of its forehead. It protects you from poison. It is probably a wild buffalo.
Westsetting sun, moon, wolf, valkyries, ibis, bull or ox, white dragon or alligator, hat, color green.
WhaleIt is written that a fragrance emanates from the mouth of the whale and attracts fish for the whale to devour.
WolfWestern symbol. Associated with Mars, the God of War. The wolf guards the Western door, coming from the East. The jaws of hell themselves are sometimes depicted as those of a dragon, or those of a powerful wolf. The wolf is an utterly diabolical creature.