Luck was with us in discovering a site in the State of Florida. This State does not have very much stone and this site was located between two bodies of water. I noticed immediately that there were many forms of stone not native to the state. It has taken us eight years of ten to twelve hour days to decode this system.

The Florida site was begun in 1733 and was a major engineering project. This project was designed by a group of Jesuits called the “Brotherhood of John.” The Brotherhood identified themselves with their symbol, which is a “3” sideways. It represents the double headed Eagle, as well as the holy trinity. There were three other Jesuit groups involved in this project as well, all represented by their individual symbols. The King of Spain during this era also had knowledge of this project as the Royal family’s symbol was used as well, which is a jeweled poodle. The individuals working on this site were Masons, as well as belonging to the Jesuit religious order. This indicates the King of Spain in the mid 1700’s was a mason. This Royal symbol’s use was discontinued in 1760, so it is possible to date this site accurately. I believe the method of providing the exact date on the site was indicated by an animals teeth as it was snarling, and the teeth being numbered with a date. We have seen the 1715 date inscribed in stone in this manner.

The artists who carved the symbols knew how to create three dimensional objects in stone, which could only be viewed from a certain angle and in a certain type of light. They were very proficient at utilizing light and shadow.

They gave you one symbol that had to be deciphered to gain a compass bearing to begin following the trail, and another symbol to tell you where to begin reading the symbolic language.

They did not stick to one particular symbol to denote compass bearings, they kept changing the symbols to keep you on your toes and to confuse anyone that was capable of reading them but who did not belong to their organization. Consequently you will find numerous different symbols that all denote a particular compass bearing. So, it is good to make sure you know all, or at least most, of the symbols for NorthSouthEast and West. Once you have these firmly imprinted on your mind you’re almost ready. You just have to learn the numerous tricks that they used to confuse and send you off in the wrong direction. The minute you find a death trap you know you’ve got it right, just keep studying and iron out all the details. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t simple. But you can learn it just as easily as you learned to drive a car, and you don’t have to go out in the field if you don’t want to.

The method used to map these areas in the wilds of America was to utilize the land mass. They put the map right on the land using stone, trees and whatever was at hand and in its natural state.

For instance, one treasure in Florida site I have worked on had a picture of three men carved in stone. One was a black man representing symbolism from the continent of Africa, one man was oriental representing Chinese symbolism, and the other man was obviously of European decent representing European symbolism. All three types of symbolism were used on this site.

The site has a lot of symbols that represent the dead and the “Islands of the Blessed.” As we studied and deciphered it over the years we found that they were referring to a large fleet of ships being lost and many people who had drowned as well as others who had died of sickness later on.

Learning to spot and read symbolism is very tough in the beginning, but it is like learning any language. As time goes by, and if you have good memory recall, you will find yourself able to read symbols on stone or trees and understanding them as if you were reading a book.

They also used trees for their shape and in many cases reshaped them over time to suit their purposes. Fine sands of different colors were also used to be seen from great distances marking the path or an entrance.

Once you understand the mathematics they used for distances and how the number system worked you’ll be able to set a course and follow a path directly to the next symbol.

Hidden treasure in Florida and burial sites for the dead seem to stick to using a measurement of three sea league’s for mapping and they have three maps encompassed in the three league area. The first map is usually located in an easily fortified area. It has been my experience to find this area North of where map sites two and three are located and always near a good supply of fresh water.

This first map directs you to travel South for three sea league’s even though you are traveling and following symbols on land. I think this was done to confuse the math and add a little trick to the equation. This leads you to the master monuments which contain the 2nd map and is a little more detailed. There are a number of tricks in this map to throw you off so be attentive and careful here, or you will lose a few days finding your way back to the right path.

This second map leads you to the third and final map which is much more detailed in symbols and very well hidden. It is also a lot more difficult to read. Once you decipher this last map and relate it to the land mass around you, it is time to start locating the entrances and disengaging any death traps that were left for the uninitiated.

The treasure in Florida had been very well concealed. One of the main monument markers has been ingeniously designed in a mirror image to totally confuse anyone who has studied it and try’s to find the land mass it refers to.

To interpret this symbolism you must concentrate on the figure 8 as well as the eye in any figure and the color white leading from the eye. The figure 8 represents symbols of the Evangelists. This allows you to determine North, East, South and West (understanding Compass Bearing Symbols). The man’s face without a beard or mustache represents North; the lion represents East, and the ox and bull, woman and moon represent West to name a few. The eagle represents South. If the site you are working is near an ocean you will also find the figurehead of Poseidon the sea god. This figurehead will have a beard or mustache.