Florida Codestones Part 2

This is an actual Spanish treasure site in Florida and the symbolic carved stone maps used to hide it. When you are treasure hunting in Florida always watch for these carved stone maps near the coast. When you see stone that is not native to the state of Florida examine it very closely because most likely it is a stone map used to mark the location of a shipwreck and the underground vaults used to store the treasure until it could be recovered at a later time.

These symbolic maps provide information on the Spanish 1733 Plate Fleet loss.These maps are from both the Northern sector of this large treasure site where the gold was stored and also the Southern sector where the silver was stored, while we were doing treasure hunting in Florida we found sites such as these at all the locations where the Spanish lost ships loaded with treasure.

* This is a very important Indian symbol that was dug up on the Florida site. It is one of the most important symbols in the whole mapping system and gives you the directions and compass bearings to all the sealed entrances. There is a hand and finger symbol on this that includes an oath (As God is my witness) which means that these are the proper directions to uncover the sealed entrances. This Indian symbol can be found on all systems within the North American Continent at a certain compass bearing East and distance from the center of the system, mine or treasure.