Mapping the Site

It begins with a system called Infinity. Square, circle, triangle, continuous outside to inside. The main symbols are animals, birds, reptiles, numbers and human heads representing Gods and Saints. Mapping a treasure site is the most important thing for you to do once you have determined you have found one.

The system begins by the area being squared off; a circle into the square, a triangle is then inserted into the circle, small square, smaller circle, and then triangle to infinity. This is the name of the system. It is identified by two “8’s” on their side. A mathematical system of numbers is used to give you distances between point A to point B.

Colors are also used. Black and white as well as several others. Black indicates bad, dangerous; white indicates good or purity. When mapping a treasure site make a note that black and white guard dogs are used to protect entrances.

The human skull stone denotes an entrance with a death trap. They will place something on the skull stone so you will know it was done by a human hand.This skull stone has a human face carved on the stone

The heart denotes a vault system. Two guard dogs protect each entrance, one dog to the left and one on the right. One is black and one is white. Dogs are also defining traps but the size, breed and color of the dog denote the severity of the trap to be encountered.

The artists who carved the symbols knew how to create three dimensional objects in stone, which could only be viewed from a certain angle and in a certain type of light. They were very proficient at utilizing light and shadow.

They gave you one symbol that had to be deciphered to gain a compass bearing to begin following the trail, and another symbol to tell you where to begin reading the symbolic language.

They did not stick to one particular symbol to denote compass bearings, they kept changing the symbols to keep you on your toes and to confuse anyone that was capable of reading them who did not belong to their organization. Consequently you will find numerous different symbols that all denote a particular compass bearing. So, it is good to make sure you know all, or at least most, of the symbols for NorthSouthEast and West. As for mapping a treasure site once you have these firmly imprinted on your mind you’re almost ready. You just have to learn the numerous tricks that they used to confuse and send you off in the wrong direction. The minute you find a death trap you know you’ve got it right, just keep studying and iron out all the details. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t simple. But you can learn it just as easily as you learned to drive a car, and you don’t have to go out in the field if you don’t want to.

Symbolic language is basically very simple but the method for hiding it was very ingenious. Like anything else you have to know where to begin and where to end. When you first see a symbol with the eye and the brain tells you it looks like a dog, stick to your first reaction because that is usually what it’s supposed to be. If you start to second guess yourself it could take days to get straightened out and back on the right path because it can be designed to be something completely different from another angle in a different type of light and shadow.

The method used for mapping a treasure site in the wilds of America was to utilize the land mass. They put the map right on the land using stone, trees and whatever was at hand and in its natural state.

For instance, one site we have worked on in the State of Florida had a picture of three men carved in stone. One was a black man representing symbolism from the continent of Africa, one man was oriental representing Chinese symbolism, and the other man was obviously of European decent representing European symbolism. All three types of symbolism were used on this site.

The site has a lot of symbols that represent the dead and the “Islands of the Blessed.” As we studied and deciphered it over the years we found that they were referring to a large fleet of ships being lost and many people who had drowned as well as others who had died of sickness later on. This was the 1733 plate fleet loss and a lot of the information refers to the Capitana and where they stored the major portions of her cargo which was silver.

They also used trees for their shape and in many cases reshaped them over time to suit their purposes, they were experienced botonists and were probably responsible for the designs of the Royal Gardens in Spain and other countries.

Fine sands of different colors were also used on beaches to be seen from great distances marking the path or an entrance, if you were standing close to the symbol on the beach you would see nothing but from a great distance the slightly different color of sand would stand out.