Peralta Map Canyon

The Peralta Map Canyon (Picture 2) is the exact spot I went to on a map of Arizona with the information given to me from the Peralta stones found at Apache Junction Arizona. I sent  a staff member out there to see if he could find anything and he came back with these photos and once I looked at them I knew I had read the stones information properly. 

Peralta Aztec Indian Head Canyon

The Peralta Aztec Indian Head Canyon (Picture 1) Once you have read the information properly in the map canyon and see the leg hanging over the canyon wall you realize they are saying to travel one league to the head and the campsite area which brings you to this canyon and the Aztec Indian Head as well as the red bull head. See picture (3) I may have misinterpreted some of the information other people had claimed about the stones as being Spanish and attributed to the Peralta family. Once I followed the directions the stones gave me and arrived at their destination I realized they were referring to the Aztec Indians and possibly Montezumas treasure and that is why they had carved an Aztec Indian head into the creek bed as shown in the photos.