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We have some new exciting updates to share with our viewers:

  • See the new photo and Video galleries in Treasure Sites and in Signs and Symbols of Symbolic Maps to Treasure
  • Language Translator has been added to the site, and additional Countries have been added to the Registration Page
  • We have added a link to the “Canadas History” magazine in the HSS Canada section where you can read all about female Pirates active in and around, the East coast of Canada in the 18th Century
  • Also in the HSS Canada section, the CEO has written an article on his expeditions to find the shipwreck “Tonquin” off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Mystery and controversy still surround this famous merchant vessel owned by John Jacob Astor. The vessel was destroyed in 1811 while on a trading mission with the natives who lived on the Island. 
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Now Posted-Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology Service Adventures "Diving Deep"

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As many of you know this website is for the serious treasure hunter who would also like to earn a living while hunting for the many lost mines and treasures that exist around the world. These high yield gold and silver mines were hidden by using a coded symbolic mapping system.

This past year has been an exciting one for HSS.  In an effort to keep our members up to date we will be offering additional information on interpreting this coded mapping system, along with added photos. When this knowledge is applied to your own site, it will take you directly to the entrances and explain how to get inside. We will show you how to lay out compass bearings from marked points and the distances to travel on that bearing to the entrance.  We are also revamping our Membership area. 

As a member of HSS you will have access to information that will show you how to find these maps, and interpret them. We will walk you through the process step by step. This new information will explain the system more thoroughly and show you how it works from beginning to end. We can provide you with interpretation of signs and symbols found on actual sites you are working. 

We will also be increasing the size and volume of the on site dictionary to include the meanings of symbols used on the many sites we have examined.


Members, or non members can arrange for “one on one” private consultations with the wizard for a fee. The wizard will walk you through any problems you have interpreting complicated symbolism you have found. This fee is negotiable and can be based on a per report basis for interpretation of photos of mapping sites that will give you the compass bearings to follow from a certain point on the site.

All members or non members who receive confidential interpretative data from HSS are required to sign a confidentiality agreement concerning the coded mapping system and cannot reveal the details to anyone who is not a member of HSS.

HSS retains all rights to negotiate for book, movie and media coverage and retain a small percentage of any profits, with the remainder going to the discovery team. All partnerships developed with HSS which result in the successful location of a high yield mining property will require HSS to be included for 5% percent on all filed mining claims. HSS will handle the negotiations for sale of the said mining property as per agreement between the partners involved and any profits will be divided under the terms of the said partnership contract. All photos submitted to HSS become the property of HSS.

Honesty, integrity and good morals are the basis of the relationship between HSS and its members.  Theft or dishonesty will not be tolerated. If a member is caught trying to steal or conceal items on a working site from the rest of the members of the agreement he or she will forfeit their share of the site to HSS and the other partners.

Once a partnership has been established you must supply HSS with topographic maps, aerial photos and follow HSS instructions as to site photos required to make a determination as to the underground entrances to the mine and the location of the vault system or systems.

Nothing on the site or in the general area is to be moved or disturbed before a photograph is taken, especially single individual coins or bars of bullion, all items on a site are part of the symbolic mapping system and once an item is moved it can destroy that portion of the map for future reference.

Once you have established that you have located a symbolic mapping site with numerous symbols you must understand that the surrounding area for as much as ten miles has to be treated and viewed as you would a painters canvass, these sites were meant to be seen from great distances and height and the land mass was sculptured to suit the purposes of the map makers.

The extensive labor and manpower required to create these land maps for the Spanish crown indicated the richness of the mines or treasure storage vaults.

Tim Brodie

CEO, Historic Sites and Shipwrecks