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After a long search we at HSS have finally found the website development team with magic fingers that are capable of putting all the information on this ancient coded mapping system used by the Spanish to hide all their mines and treasure storage vaults into a visual aspect so the viewer can see what has been hidden and how it is hidden.

These guy’s have already completed a large portion of the new website that we will be posting which makes navigation so easy and takes you to all the tools you need to bring out the hidden aspects of a map and explain what you have and at the same time give you a dictionary of symbols that only includes the symbols used in this mapping system. It will also allow you to follow on the trail to a specific entrance so you can identify each and every spec of language associated with that entrance.

The site will also allow you to find and identify the Death traps at that entrance and show you how to de-activate them for a safe entrance to the mine or storage vault.

This is it guys! What you’ve been waiting for all these years that you’ve been trekking thru the bush looking at these treasure sites and trying to decipher them.

We want you as members as long as you are honest and straight forward in dealing with the laws as they apply to the area you are working in and be willing to share your expertise and what you learn in the field with other members of HSS and not be sharing our secrets with those who have not done the work and become members of HSS.

It’s all here! and we will be perfecting the little pieces that we haven’t been able to show you in a visual aspect with the talents that this website development team brings to the table.

So get in early because the Wizards time is going to be allotted by appointment only made in advance and those members that have all their ducks in a row will be the ones walking to the bank. Let’s have some fun and make some money in the process so we can do some good in this world.


Tim Brodie