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HSS encourages our Members to comment on the website, and to provide their insight into how we may have helped them in their efforts to recover treasure and locate lost mines.

Mark from Utah has provided his testimonial which we are pleased to present here. We have enjoyed working with Mark these past years, teaching him how to interpret the coded mapping system. He is now doing very well on his own and we congratulate him. Mark has mastered the art of interpreting the signs and symbols discovered on the sites he has been working. Great job Mark.

Life is full of twists and turns. What may appear as nothing may turn out to be the opposite. Our life in this civilized era is technical but yet simplified. The basics of science are nearly forgotten or just taken for granted. When I try to put myself back in that time of the late middle ages, I determined I needed help to understand how life back then really was. The background of the Jesuits, the organization initially responsible for the mapping of the new world treasures, is a long and strange trail in and of itself. Their education, philosophies and loyalties are all inter-twinned in their daily life. Mapping of the new world treasures and mines, in strict accordance with the King’s edict, enabled the various haciendas of the new world to locate their mines for many years. The short sightedness of the Spanish kings and bankers was immediately recognized by the Jesuits, so the mines and treasures were marked by the Jesuits for all of eternity. The Jesuits weren’t really working for the best interest of Spain, they were really working for their society and the Pope. They used their knowledge of various cultures throughout the world to mark these sites within the mapping system dictated by the King. So in essence, there is a system within a system. The only person to date that fully understands this system within a system is Tim Brodie of HSS. If you want to learn the history and the mapping sequences, then he is the person to contact. The first step to any adventure is to first understand what you are up against, and the pieces of the puzzle. I encourage you all to contact Tim to begin your understanding of the system.

Good luck to all!