Signs & Symbols page 2

Luck was with us in discovering a site in the State of Florida. This State does not have very much stone and this site was located between two bodies of water. We noticed immediately that there were many forms of stone not native to the state. We did find symbols in stone in many areas. It has taken us eight years of ten to twelve hour days to decode this system of symbols in stone but we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the hunt.

With the technology available today the best way to do this type of hunting is to have one or two people in the office doing the deciphering on the computer, and communicating with the search team via cell phone and laptop. One person with the proper tools and technology in the office can work on the problem ten times faster than they can in the field. We will have a group of people on a project advising members on the proper procedure to get in and out of a site successfully.

There are a good many well hidden underground burial sites and treasure vaults all over the world,we have seen them in Africa,Europe,Australia,the middle East,central and South America,USA and Canada, many of them built hundreds of years ago in far off corners of the new world, and marked with this symbolic mapping system. These storage vaults were also built in the area of a major shipwreck for the bodies to be interned and salvaged treasure to be stored until transport could be arranged.They used slightly different colors of sand on beach areas to design symbols which could only be seen from a great distance.

For many years people have been discovering sites with hieroglyphics and pictographs at different spots around the world, and different scholars have been consulted. But no one seemed to know what they meant or wanted to spend the time necessary to understand how to decipher them, so they dismissed them. We will attempt here to describe the system in full.

The method used to carve these symbols in stone, trees and the landscape represents what was known as white magic, black magic, duality’s, opposites, mirror images, light and shadow etc. The art was known as illusion. The images were carved, superimposing as many as 5 or 6 images into one large image in order to confuse and disorient the reader. Each image is facing a different direction and you must first make note of what each image represents before you take a compass bearing.

They will have designed the top end of a sextant showing in an area close to the center of the images, and once you have determined your North, South, etc., from the marker with a compass you must then do a mirror image of what you are looking at to get the proper compass bearings to the entrance. Your images will also change with the mirror image and as some of them may be animal figures and some human figures, you must determine your compass bearings with these figures. Usually only one major pictograph bearing symbol is shown clearly enough and it may be the wolf for the western entrance because the wolf guards the western door, or it could be the eagle because he is a southern symbol,the bear is North and the horse is East.

They worked with magnification extensively on stones and trees and you will find that the detailed mapping is very small and can only be seen with a magnifying glass. Also when you see an image carved into stone, change your angle of sight and you will see another image from a different angle and light source. Always look at the shadow that a stone or tree casts and you will see shadow symbols as well.

This is a pictographic language but once you have trained your eyes you will see that each pictograph is composed and drawn with numbers and symbols in the design of the art, and each piece of art was designed so that it becomes something else when viewed from another direction. A dog from the East could become a cat from the West. When you are viewing a stone with a magnifying glass, first take it completely out of focus and then slowly come in on it and you will see large symbols that were meant to be seen only when you were slightly out of focus.

These were master artists and they could depict anything into wood or stone and even the earth you walk on. We will show you with photos in the site areas where there is only a slight indent in the hard packed ground that can only be seen from a distance and represents a special animal or human to give you very important information in that particular area,distance images will show you tunnels,trails,entrances etc.etc.