Signs & Symbols page 3

If you are offshore looking at a coastline for symbols keep your telescope slightly out of focus and you will see large head profiles and numbers,and stone symbol maps and monuments. The method used to confuse with the head profile was to carve two or 3 below each other so the chin of one would run into the nose of the next one. In mountain areas these profiles were used to surround a site and were not always human figures because they represented the gods and goddesses as they were known in early Egypt. Most of them could be also represented by an animal or bird figure or sometimes just a feather drawn on a stone cliff. The God who protected the vast majority of mining and treasure sites was Geb, a God of agriculture. The meaning is that a lot of the symbolism used to hide the site will be found hidden behind or within trees and green on the site. They were trained in botany and could alter small areas in trees with chemicals so they would be a slightly different color than the rest of the tree. They were very adept at creating ghostly images, stone symbol maps and monuments within the landscape, so believe your eyes when you see them.

With symbols they would sometimes use the eye symbol straight up and down with a line going thru the center on the length to tell you that the symbols that were touching anywhere were only half the symbol, and you had to fill in the other half with your imagination so you must study the meanings of signs and symbols. We will show you later on how this was done with a group of symbols that has been posted on the web by “Reef Diver”. These symbols consisted of a few sevens with the eye below it in a square and what it really represented was 7 sevens, which represented 7 judges of the courts in 15th century Germany, and a warning that anyone who touched the area or treasures hidden would be hunted down and killed by this organization. It’s a warning and a map with the compass bearings to a very large treasure but the detailed information must be on the area that the symbols were originally carved into as this is only a drawing that someone has done from the original carving.

You must have a good 35mil camera for this work as it would take you forever to decipher a stone carving in the field without a photo of all angles.

That’s why this system could never be deciphered by anyone not trained in the art before we invented cameras and computers which would automatically do the mirror imaging for us.

It is designed as an overload of information and only those with lots of patience will succeed in deciphering this mapping system unless they’re a member of HSS. They used many tricks to throw you off the scent and these mines were always completely sealed and dummies created nearby that had little or no mineral content to make you think that you had found it and it was all worked out.

They sometimes diverted nearby streams to cover the entrance and one of their main symbols is a “river runs thru it.” All mines were divided into two segments and had two complete systems side by side, or top to bottom, so all math must be doubled. When you see the number two on a site it stands for the center line or the number 2 point on the triangle, 3 is your Northern point and 1 is the South. You will always find a skull at the Southern point and it represents a death trap which must be traversed properly in order to enter at that point.

In a real Spanish mine there are numerous death traps, so be very careful and do not proceed without a video camera with a zoom lens  reviewing every 20 or so feet before you go any further into the mine or treasure site. Also have a two way radio and be in contact constantly with someone on the outside. A good careful hole man is hard to find but worth his weight in Gold and once he’s in the mine or treasure site he can see the deathtraps from the back end and dismantle them.

This is serious treasure hunting and you must have the time and proper finances to undertake this venture and be succesfull.

Good luck. Keep legal and Keep safe.


The Wizard