Treasure Site in Georgia USA part 5

Now things are getting interesting! We seem to be tracking these stone markers properly and that is the beginning, just knowing that you are following their directions to figure this all out and head directly to the gold and all the history that has been created here. This video shows you the diamond stone which tells you to go for one league in the direction it’s pointing which is down below the dog stone for treasure. ( Bullion Stash) It also shows you the hidden heart stone in the jungle with the stone underneath propping it up that is shaped like a boot to show you which direction to travel. And most interesting in this video is it showing you how difficult it was with the weather and fast flowing streams for Russ and John to traverse on this Spanish site. Now we start discovering the really interesting stone markers that tell us we are coming to the end of their mapping sequence. Chair in dry creek bed on the 70 degrees, skull stone, girl and cave entrance, fireplace. There are many more stone symbols coming that we have found that tell the complete story of this hidden Spanish Gold mine and how to unravel the story so stay tuned if you would like to learn how this is done. CLICK PHOTO FOR TEXT