Treasure Site in Georgia USA part 1

Guard Dog Stone This video shows you the dog stone in the creek which is a Spanish symbolic marker stone to tell you there was ancient Spanish mining activity in the area and it is protected with death traps with the guard dog showing you the locations of the traps. This is the beginning! This is how you follow symbol stones left by the ancient Spanish into one of their Gold mining sites. NOW we need to find the many other carved stone symbols that will be located in this area to tell us where the hidden gold mine and bullion stashes are located. We followed the creek West from the dog stone and also found the saddle stone where this creek met up with Dicks creek, the shelter stone and the grave stone with the woman’s head on it blowing air out of her mouth to show an air vent in this general area were also located just up on Dicks creek. We also found the carved chair by the pool when we walked north on the trail beside Blood Creek. But there are many more symbols that need to be located. CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR TEXT