Spanish Gold Mine Directional Instructions

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Entrance to mine marked with an X and in Green for a campsite.


Two crossing lines 355 North and 89 East.


Bearings for the cliff face are 355 North touches the face of the cliff, then 89 East to the main mine entrance, gold colored area left of the main mine entrance you can see a pictographic representation of the bear head where the 355 line is probably running.


Large mask in gold area with the mouth open, bear head in mouth, below that you see a white streak just at the bottom of the bear head just to catch your attention to make sure you are set up on your bearings as far as the North bearing is concerned.


Look at bear head as bearing marker and when you enter on the bears nose you will see that there is a dog coming into the top of the bears head from the East so that is telling you that the trap you encounter will be on your right side as you enter. You will be facing North but the trap is coming from the East on your right side.


Top of the bears head opens up below the dogs throat , then coming down from the bear in the South West right directly below the bear is an entrance in a big cliff ledge in the S.W. leading to a very large storage room shown as a very large jar and there is also a symbol of a Camel here as well as a dog head, The Camel symbolizes the humble Christian shouldering life’s burdens without complaint, But the dog is a trap.


Cliff running across the top of the storage jar, people walking across the top and it comes around and goes over the top of that lower Gold area and runs under the Camel.


The chair that’s down in the ravine, one end of the arm is a Camel but the back end is a fish which represents Christ.


The Camel seems to be entering into a triangular shaped entrance marked with a blue dot. The wall at the end of the ravine is a mask above that peeking out from behind the wall and you only see one eye on the mask which stands for the entrance to use because there is only one that is safe.


(CLIFF RAVINE TRAP) Also there are two supporting poles behind this chair holding up all the rocks at the top of the ravine that are part of the trap here, so look for the dogs head to warn you and show you where it’s located.


(R-STONE RAVINE) Following the ravine up it get’s wider the higher you go and then to the left is an entrance up there, I marked it with a blue X and above that entrance is a large stone marked with an R and the bottom bar of the R points to the right which means go to the right in this area which would take you over below the face mask which is inserted into the cliff face. Just above the face mask is a large S which stands for (SUPERIOR WAY to travel) it’s in the side of the face pointing towards the Gold which has some sort of animal head underneath the Gold which is probably a dogs head so watch out for a trap here as you remove the Gold.


Confirmation of 9 different compass bearings on the photo, 275, 95, 355, 175, plus four regulars and also the 273 so we are on the right path here now.


Horse here traveling East from North, he was at the 355 and N.W on the 310 because there is a smelter on the 310 with two big dogs protecting it and there is an air vent that’s covered with a square cement block and the air vent feeds the smelter with air on the 310. With the square block you need to remove two crowbars that are holding it in place, The block is on the 325 deg.


There is one big storage room on the 195 at 425 feet.


Find the bearing from the big red dog’s nose to the mine.


Red dog is situated on the nose at 25 deg N.E.


Really big storage room shaped like a medieval goblet of Gold with a top that opens, it’s in a bell shape and it’s a really big room, 102 feet end to end and 50 feet wide. It sits on the 85 degrees at 575 feet and the land around there is lower like a ravine or an old river bed. The low land runs from the 60 deg N.E to the 80 deg N.E There is also an entrance on the 65 deg N.E. and another one on the 100 deg S.E.


That ram that led us to exodus it’s on the 70 deg N.E. that was speaking about the mount, and there is a really good entrance on 15 deg N.E. at 812.5 feet and there is Gold at that entrance and it’s not too far in.


We are in the West looking East at the mine, they have done this one so the mine looks like a Mosque with a big round golden pearl on the top of it and the rest of it looks kind of like a deer so check the symbolism for the deer.


Enter on the 25 deg at 510 feet, it’s a large bottle and you have to enter at the neck and it’s buried in the ground, come down into the bottom of the bottle into the forge room, the inside of the whole bottle is the forge room, the forge room has an exit out to the bottom and another to the left side of the bottle which goes into a large room outside of the bottle for storage and as you come out to that room there is a doorway to the left and you come into another large room which is their storage room, just inside there is a Doberman pincher dog on the left so that’s a trap and then there is a mask (Something hidden) behind the Doberman so there is probably another trap behind there. Then just past him they show a mason with a cross in his right hand and he has four dots across his chest and a 5 for the 45 deg so that is the deg number that you have to be on to be safe. Also in this room, at the bottom of the room you’re heading now for the 35 deg line where there’s a set up for a symbolization for caves off to the left of the room. The caves will take you to the bottom of the bottle where there is an entrance that looks like a mine entrance but it’s just the entrance back into the forge room. This would be coming off the 35 deg line and would allow you to make a right turn instead of a left and I think this makes a big difference for safety. But down here by the caves you have a man sitting here and a woman standing with a man behind her and they just symbolize a safe camp 7 with Gold (man) Silver (woman) Gold (man) Both silver and Gold in this room. It’s like yin and yang (male for Gold and female for Silver). Then when you come out of the room you are on a ramp going up towards the 35 deg and on your left is another dog, the dogs nose is another ramp which goes up the dog’s nose (beware of a trap) and as you come up this ramp you see the wizard sitting there facing the 225 deg his back to the 45 deg line, go on the 45 deg line to the smelter the wizard has a Gold mask on his face also 100 there so maybe 100 feet to the smelter from the 35 deg line, it’s a (Death mask) on his face with compass bearings on the mask 70, 25, 52 and 45. The mask is covering his face and a large block of silver is in his lap with a golden pearl on the top of the silver bar. This just tells you (Quantity and size of Silver to Gold in the vein). People are passing by the wizard on his right hand side entering into a large Vault room on the 35 deg and that is the regular real store room. The 500 bars of Gold that were left in the forge room just couldn’t be moved into this wizard room because people were getting sick and too weak to carry them. That’s why they use the black horse to tell you of sickness coming into this group of Spanish miners, priests and their Indian helpers in the Kingdom of Appalachian. The wizard is holding up a page he’s reading which looks like a map. Another large map over by the trail which has a 358 on it with a dog at the top of it with a 358 on him and over just across from the dog is a large sword with a line coming down thru the room which hits that ramp.


Discuss something in the S.E. portion of the deer bed on the 25 deg.


This is the most difficult symbolic portion of this mapping to decipher because it starts off with a large fish and discusses the tools with the representation of a broken off head of a shovel in a tunnel which just shows you this is where the tools are located to re-open the mine. It starts off with a large fish which represents Christ and lets you know that they went into the church that the priest had set up before they went to work and got blessed by the priest to keep them safe while they worked underground. Then they would walk over to the tool room tunnel and get the tools needed for the day and then go into the mine. Underneath the fish (church) a set up that shows the tunnel with the tools and they show a ridge coming along in the high country and then you have a ledge coming out from the ridge, underneath the ledge the whole area is bigger than the ledge and is the fish (church) so that is where the church is located under the ledge. The tunnel must be under the church area which is the ledge. This tunnel with the tools must be the main mine. This is going to require some scouting around that area looking for a ledge that probably will still be exposed.


Take a bearing on 85 deg and the 265 and have someone walk out the 265 carrying a measuring tape and measure 600 feet from the birds beak which is center. Then do all the other bearings and mark when they hit the trail. When you are just off the mine entrance take a bearing and mark it.


Come back to 265 point on the road and go South for 600 feet unless you want to do, what we are trying to do here is get the distance for the 175 bearing So if it’s easier to do with the 600 feet on the road then do it that way.


Measure 600 feet from the birds beak on the 180 as well, Mark all spots and do them with PVC pipe and a 100 foot line. Then take the 110 magnetic and measure out to 600 feet marking the 510 foot and mark that spot well. Then do next door on the 115 and then come out and take a bearing across the beak on 85 East do that for 600 feet and mark the 510 spot as you go by. Then go off the birds beak on the 23 deg and this has to be precise and mark the 510 here as well, Go to their 20 deg which is going to be our magnetic 23 deg and come back and do 600 feet on their 40 deg line which is our magnetic 43 degrees.
There were a lot of mistakes here but all you need to remember is that any magnetic compass bearing needs to have 3 added to it for what it would be for a Spanish compass bearing if it’s Spanish 20 degrees it’s our magnetic 23 degrees, just adding 3 degrees.


When you get to any of these 600 points on a compass bearing check the tops of trees in the area because a lot of times they topped trees to keep on the proper compass bearing.


To the SE behind the king riding the horse they are specifying 72 degrees and they have a marker pointing to the SW direction.


The wall of this big canyon that the king and the horse are riding into is to be identified with a big silver A and also a man with a golden head going in there with 4 large dots above his head or maybe five dots above his head that attaches to another silver A and a scene that shows horses riding into that wall of that canyon and when you follow that direction that scene of it coming out it’s almost as if it’s a large 7 for campsite.


Dog rock behind the skull rock , turned the proper direction this thing has the perfect dog pointing in what I believe to be the North direction (probably South) with it’s snout and kind of the top left corner narrows this whole stone to this one particular spot and it’s not very long . That particular spot up in the top left which I believe on the map compass would be some where in the East there is a very distinct white eagle head (South) it’s on the corner with a pie cut and on this pie cut in the top left corner is the eagle head and then when you come down it to the opposite corner it’s a dogs nose from the two corners to the center spot is a dogs nose with an egg stone. (I believe this all defines South with the Eagle)


I believe this undefined square within the pie cut is just to tell you that you need to square this all off to get the right compass bearings. They also have the beak of the eagle, The eagle is done in white and then there is a white line which has a very distinctive bottle at the beak of the eagle and the white that the eagle has been done with is dripping into the bottle. The bottle is very very large. (bottle neck is known for a very tight space to enter) Very large X which becomes an A.


Photo 3390 and it’s the one photo that we need to be viewing.


The bottle is very well shaped and contains all the brown color and from the bottom of the bottle on the right side of the stone is a gator head with a white belly and it also has on the right side of the stone a horse head which is black coming from the East to the West and the black horse is bringing disease and this is probably what closed down this mining area in the 1700s. The main symbols are the dog, bottle, eagle, gator ,horse, pie cut and the square.


On the front of the bottle is a 9 and the zero part of the 9 is resting on a 7 and the 9 could also be joined by an 8.


From a distance it becomes very distinct, you have looking on the right side which I take as South you would have the black horse and then on the left side which I would take as North you have the dog which is also the bottle and the dog has a large shadow X in there and it also has the green spot which also defines a camp spot which I thought was on the 70 degrees when I did the measurements, The only compass bearing symbol here I have is the eagle which I have to take advantage of. The pie is a very distinctive piece in all this and the bottom corner of the pie is the nose that looks like a wolf dog and the nose is also the egg stone and running to the left to the dogs nose which is in the north is a line which look like white dots but when you look at the dots you see that it is a group of people walking from the nose of the dog to the egg stone and when you get close to them you see that the front guy is an Indian so they are all Indians Walking right thru that camp site that would have been up on the 70 degrees.


Another very well defined large eagle head coming off that eagle with that eagle at it’s back but it comes down towards the point. I’ve located Blood mountain creek and it’s above the pot and runs to the South and to the North from the top of the pot and there’s a line of dots there that go over the head of the human and then it defines the water to the right in the South and I think this is where Dicks creek comes in and meets blood mountain creek. If so it’s also where their graveyard is and if so it would be to the East of Dicks creek and would be just east of the bridge and South of that campsite where we camped.


Once the meeting of the two creeks is clearly defined then everything else in that area is clearly defined. You can definitely pick out the area where the shelter stone is and the area where they have marked where the graves are located where they buried their people which is actually East of Blood mountain creek just South of the road. I’m trying to define how many people they buried there but they have quite a few by the looks of it. They have a large Y just coming in just above that graveyard.


What this seems to be saying is that in 1715 all the survivors of the 1715 Spanish Plate fleet had no other place to go to get sanctuary but with the King of Appalachian . He took them all in but they brought with them disease and the plague. (The Black Death) And they all died off and plus killed off all the Indians. But they had stopped mining in 1699 or around there because all the Indian bands had gone to war with each other and that went on for many years time. So the many Spanish that were there with their Indian workers did not do much mining thru this period of war. So in 1715, sixteen years later all these survivors of the Spanish shipwrecks landed up there and everyone started dying off including all the Spanish.


There must be some record of ships coming from Cuba to rescue the survivors of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet and how long it took for them to hear about it and get there to rescue them. There were 21 ships in the fleet and these were very large ships and some of them could carry up to 1000 people so there must have been a tremendous amount of people on the beaches in Florida, Even if you cut the figures in half you would still have over 5000 people on the beach and they needed food and water so the top Captains and officials in the Spanish fleet were aware that the Spanish Crown had a Royal mining site in the mountains of SE Georgia. The decision must have been made to begin walking the beach line towards Georgia where they could still catch fish to eat and spot any ships that would be passing by for a possible rescue. If they pushed hard they could reach Appalachian in 7 or 10 days. It would have taken Cuba several weeks to fashion a rescue party with ships and food and all the medical supplies that would have been needed and possibly several hundred of the survivors had decided to await rescue from the Cubans if they had found a way to send for help.