1866 "Baltic" Shipwreck Glassware, Brass Items and Medical Instruments

These are some of the items Historic Sites and Shipwrecks collected from the 1866 Shipwreck “Baltic”. She was an American General Merchant ship, built in Camden, Maine in 1854 on her return trip from Europe. Her route took her via the Bahamas to avoid the North flowing Gulf Stream. Caught in the great Bahamian hurricane of October 1st, 1866 she floundered and sunk off the reef of North Eleuthra, Bahamas. She was headed to Galveston, Texas with a large cargo of French, English, German and Scottish dinnerware as well as medicines, foodstuffs, wine, whiskey, beer, window glass, a saw mill and a large cargo of American goods including pickles, inks, and glassware.

Tim Brodie and Historic Sites and Shipwrecks held a museum showing in southern Florida to showcase this amazing collection. There was a movie made by Hunt for Amazing Treasures on the Discovery Learning Channel on the “Baltic” shipwreck and the recovery of her cargo.