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  • Members will be able to view information not available on the web site for a fee of $149.00 annually. USD
  • Information includes interpreting canyon photos on the home page
  • Interpreting Hand Drawn Symbols
  • Dictionary of Pictographic symbolism
  • Samples of the Wizards interpretation of symbols and photos from a hidden Spanish mine site.
  • Explanation of ancient coded symbolic mapping systems
  • Interpreting aerial photos
  • Use of the Clock by the Spanish
  • Treasure Trove application issues.
  • Photos include, entrance symbols, abandoned mine symbols, heart stones, air vents, distance symbols, death trap symbols, shaft symbols, tool symbols, hidden entrance symbols
  • Hidden campsite markers, direction markers, dig here symbol, silver symbols and cap symbols. Constant updates will be made to the Workshop throughout the year.
  • The WorkShop is where all the important graphics are that show you how they set up the important spots where all the gold and silver is located. This also has the main graphics where all the vaults are and how to access them because you can't enter a vault from directly above, because of the death traps.This area also has the photo of stacks of gold and silver bars that needs to be magnified to see them properly, and the coded information on how to find the gold and silver bars. Numerous photos that show you how they would hide these gold bars in different locations to chase people away from their many entrances to this underground mining facility by giving them a little bit of gold to make them think they had found it all.

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