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  • Signs and symbols found in North America leading to hidden mines

Signs and symbols found around North America that lead to hidden Spanish gold and silver mines and treasure stashes


Recovering treasure from an 1866 shipwreck

“On The Water” with Bill Hyde

The search begins (1)

Main map stone with carving of a miner (20)

Diamond stone for a league (19)

4 th Heart stone hidden on a hillside (18)

Hidden carved stone chair in dry creek bed (17)

A map carved into the underneath of the stone (16)

This stone had a large white C mark on front (15)

Shelter stone on 250 deg from center (14)

Shelter stone (13)

Inspecting stone symbols in the West high ground (12)

Working the high ground around the symbol stones (11)

Viewing egg stone and large tree from the West (10)

View of creek from the South looking North (9)

Spanish markers (8)

Ancient Spanish sluices (7)

Northern Ancient Spanish Campsite (6)

Ancient Spanish Campsite Area (5)

Possible air vent entrance (4)

Spanish egg stone symbol (3)

Ancient Spanish Gold Mine (2)