Searching For Spanish Gold In Georgia




I’ve been involved in searching for ancient Spanish shipwrecks and mining sites for so long that it has become second nature to me to always watch out for hidden Spanish mapping symbols on the landmass wherever I may be traveling.

Adrienne and I had decided to have a look at the Appalachian Trail to see if we wanted to hike it.

As we were hiking along I noticed a large rock that had been shaped like a mask which is one of the main symbols used by the Spanish and means something hidden. It was known as the balancing rock by the thousands who had passed by but no one had noticed that it was actually a Spanish hidden symbol stone that represented something hidden. Gold and Silver mines to be discovered.

I knew right away that they were referring to ancient Gold and Silver mines that they had developed in the area and for some reason had to abandon due probably to problems with the Indians.

The area was very steep and treacherous  and required someone in the very best of health to hike up and down these mountains so I decided to get a crew of guys in there for a couple of months taking photos of any of the symbols I told them they would probably find.

The problem was to find a crew  that would pay attention to detail and follow instructions and not get infected with Gold fever once they started finding Gold symbols.

Enter my main man Russ with his sidekick John organizing all the food and camping gear they would need for two months as well as a truckload of beer.

Russ did an exploratory trip for a few days with a camera just to see if he spotted any of the symbols we were looking for and as usual he didn’t listen to my directions and ended up several miles away from where I was trying to send him but on the same mountain.

 He stumbled onto another mining site and found the necessary symbols telling us what direction to travel in order to find the necessary information on how to get into these very rich mines.

When Russ came back with John and set up a campsite with all the necessary equipment things began to happen very quickly because John was up every morning climbing up and down the steep slopes taking photos of every interesting rock or tree that he saw.

Russ came on behind him taking measurements and videos. After finding the large bulldog stone symbol which told of a very large rich mining system protected by large stone rock falls and cut floor traps We realized we were into a very large Spanish mining area..

We then began looking for the hidden heart symbol which the Spanish used to represent Gold and to our surprise we found several of them so we knew that this site represented several hidden Gold mines.

One of the main symbols found was a shelter stone which allowed several men to get in out of the rain while working on the site.

Several campsite locations were found clearly marked with the chair symbol or bed symbol.

They also found a map that showed the location of 35 Silver bars that had been smelted and they showed the amount of silver located within a ton of material they were mining for Gold.

Well enjoy the photos of the search and remember what the symbols look like so you will be able to find them on your own. Also we have been working a site in Utah and I told them to measure out a distance on a compass bearing of several hundred feet and dig. Six feet down they found a heart stone and several other symbol stones. There was a typical textbook trap stone hanging over the dig site and I read the symbolism on it that told you to go 75 feet on a compass bearing to their campsite that was set up when they were hiding a large stash of Gold bars.

The campsite had several tree symbols and a heart made by bending and tying a branch on a tree so the heart would be over the head of the person searching. We will show these symbols later on in the web site.


When you find a diamond on the site it does not tell you to go one leaque although if you do you will find more info at that point. The Spanish miners were given a league grid to search in an area and the league marker or diamond was to tell you the site was one league to the East and one league to the West and also one to the North and one to the South of the Marker or diamond, this area squared off was the total area that a team had to search for any valuable minerals. That was their grid to search. You will usually find the league diamond marker on the 267 and 87 bearing line and if you draw a line up thru the center you will be on the 357 and 177 degree line.The diamond stone was usually set 75 feet to the West on 267 from the center of the site being worked but the diamond was the true center of the grid site. This is what we’ve learned from experience but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of people out there who will disagree with us. Each to their own!

Have fun and enjoy

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