2nd Expedition Rhoades Canyon Page 2

The next day was spent with Steve and I doing some target practice with pistols. Later I began going over what we knew from deciphering the signs and symbols in the Rhoades Canyon area. The information they had left as to where things were hidden and how to access these spots.

In the symbolism they show that they had a very large mining area within the Rhoades Canyon with numerous mines. Very rich silver mines and several gold minesC

Many different owners had interests in these mines as well as the Spanish Crown. Because it was such a rich area they were always having trouble getting the shipments of Gold and Silver bullion past the police (the USA Calvary). To be sent off to Mexico for shipment to Spain.

They show this on the site in symbolism at the entrance on the Southern end of Rhoades Canyon where they set up their first camp. They created the master maps of symbolic code on the cliff walls and surrounding area.

They did this with what I call the “Talking Stone” which was a large flat stone that from a distance looked like it had black ink spilled on it.

But, when examined with a magnifying glass it showed them traveling with wagon loads of hidden gold and being stopped by a USA Calvary officer. They had a British Bobby police officer standing beside him so the reader would know they were speaking of Police. You would recognize the bobby hat as being a policeman.

They also tell of using the mines as banks and setting up nest eggs of Gold bullion that could be accessed very quickly if needed. They did this by carving into stone a bird on a nest with eggs. If anything had been removed at any time one of the eggs would be broken and the details of who had taken what and why would be inscribed on the stone next to the broken egg.

 We knew that there was still a lot of Silver and Gold left in the mines in Rhoades Canyon. They told of 1500 Silver bars being placed in a holding vault next to the trail awaiting shipment to Mexico. From our examinations these vaults were still locked and the water traps still in existence. They also spoke of 500 Gold bars that had been left as a protective stash in case anyone got past the traps in the first bank they created at the campsite.

We had gotten into a room underground that was 17 feet wide X 50 feet long. It contained numerous death traps installed in case anyone started digging to try and find the three entrances off that room to the main mine tunnels. Or tried to find the two chests of bullion that were concealed in the room. We have located two of the tunnel systems and the chests are concealed in one of them. We still can’t figure out how to open them without tripping the death traps.

The shaft is set up so only one person at a time can enter or exit.  You have to travel down a sloped shaft to the entrance to the room cut into the bedrock and drop down about thirty feet. It is a very dangerous undertaking.

We’ve also located a distance symbol in this area for one of the tunnels. It shows a man coming out of a tunnel on the back of a dog which is the trap symbol. This all seems to travel to a center area marked with a heart. It seems to have been caved in to protect the tunnels running off the center, almost like a wheel with spokes.

There is a main tunnel system which starts in the Southwest and travels to the Northeast.  All the branch tunnels are closed and concealed. They will all have trap symbols at their locations.  It shouldn’t be hard to find with the proper lighting underground and a good telephoto lens on a camera.

The main Silver mine is on the trail and the entrance is walked over every day and has had trucks and ATVs going over it for years now.

Anyone interested in getting into these mines in Rhoades Canyon can do it very easily with heavy equipment to do the necessary work. They will need to be very careful of the many death traps that have been set by the Spanish. A knowledge of the codes and where to look for the hidden information in each area which has been hidden with a mask. (something hidden) The CEO is preparing for a third expedition with some friends from Key West and will keep you updated.

Be careful, be safe and if you have a problem, call me! 954-749-4930


Tim Brodie