Mapping the Site page 2

Once you understand the mathematics of the maps of treasure carved in stone that they used for distances and how the number system worked you’ll be able to set a course and follow a path directly to the next symbol on the map carved in stone.

Hidden treasure and burial sites for the dead seem to stick to using a measurement of three sea league’s for mapping and they have three maps encompassed in the three league area. The first map is usually located in an easily fortified area near the beach. It has been our experience to find this area North of where mapsites two and three are located and always near a good supply of fresh water.

Three vault systems were but one triangular point of the five pointed star. Always keep your eye open for the five pointed star when you are reading symbols. A lot of times it is hidden by making it look like a man with his arms out stretched to both sides. Two feet, two arms and a head, five points. This stands for the house of safety in symbolism and is the safest entrance to use until you get your bearings underground and can approach the death traps from the rear where you can see and dismantle them.

One very important piece of the Spanish symbolism on the maps of treasure carved in stone was that the site was surrounded by the Gods and protected by the Saints so pay attention to symbols that represent a saint.

In the western USA you will see large carved heads or facial profiles looking at the sky. These represent the Gods surrounding the site especially if they have a mustache or beard.

The Saints are represented by their own symbols (animals, objects etc.)

You must remember that these people were masters of the arts and sciences and entrusted with the mapping and protection of the Kings gold and silver mines. However, none but the King’s own could follow these symbols especially after the mine had been lost or hidden for several years. These people had all the power of a major Government and the Pope in Rome behind them.

They were designed and mapped so that the King’s portion could never be lost no matter how much time had elapsed.

The main method of concealing these symbols was what we would call “superimposing” several images into one (infinity) from large to small and designed to be seen from great distances with a telescope.

You must train yourself to separate the large images with your eyes and brain and ignore the others until your brain has fixed the image on your mind then once you can see it easily you go on to the next smaller image. Once you master the images you’ll notice that whatever they are (dog, heart, face, cow, crown or ladder) they’re all made from numbers and symbols. It’s absolutely amazing artwork done in stone and wood.

The gate keeper, this is the important symbol. His name is Janus and he is represented by a man with two faces. One face is black, and the other is a very European looking face. I have even seen them superimpose a face of the God Odin with the big handlebar mustache in the middle of these two just to let you know that the entrance was East of your present position and near the ocean. Keep a sharp eye for any symbols near or touching on Janus as they will point you to the nearest entrance.

There are many ways to designate a direction and they used them all so be very careful because they kept changing directions many times just to confuse anyone who was getting close to what they were concealing.

First you must determine your compass bearings. If you are in the field and standing at a stone marker, or tree with a symbol on it, take a bearing on mag north, then a bearing on 8 degrees NE & 8 degrees NW from your point. Do this for all 4 points of the compass then examine the symbol for a point or a head with the nose pointing in a direction. Take a bearing on that point and mark it on your chart. It should coincide with one of the 8 degree bearings or one of the 4 compass points. Now you are ready to begin finding your way to the center or heart of the site. The easiest way to set up a site is to find one of the four major compass animals and then after you have measured 600 ft from that animal to center you set up your first 360 degree circle, 600 ft from center on each point.

The heart of the site will not be marked with a perfectly shaped heart as the hearts they used had rather large left and right upper lobes. Keep your eye peeled for the general shape. On the way to the center you will find several small heart shapes pointing the direction to the heart. When found the heart will be a large stone weighing 1/2 a ton or more depending on what was available in the area at the time the map was constructed. Remember, finding the heart and other markers is just a symbolic representation of the site and mapping instructions, it still must be interpreted properly to understand the site and find the entrances and whatever was hidden.

To interpret this symbolism you must concentrate on the figure 8 as well as the eye in any figure and the color white leading from the eye. The figure 8 represents symbols of the Evangelists. This allows you to determine North, East, South and West. The man’s face without a beard or mustache represents North; the lion represents East, and the ox and bull, woman and moon represent West to name a few. The eagle represents South. If the site you are working is near an ocean you will also find the figurehead of Poseidon the sea god. This figurehead will have a beard or mustache.