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This web site was designed to help educate others on the fascinating world of treasure hunting. Here you can learn about various signs and symbols that the Spanish carved into the landmass to be used as mapping codes to lead them back to their many hidden treasures.


Here in the Treasure Shop you will be able to view and purchase civil war era shipwreck antiques and collectibles for sale, various pieces of porcelain, china, glassware, smoking pipes and other pottery recovered from the 1866 shipwreck “Baltic”. 




IF SO JOIN US IN LOCATING AND DECIPHERING THE LOST TREASURES OF THE ANCIENTS. Here you can learn about lost Spanish gold and silver mines and lost historic sites and shipwrecks. You will also learn to read various signs and symbols that the Spanish carved into the landmass to be used as a coded mapping system to lead them back to their many hidden high yield Gold and Silver mines concealed in the wilderness through out the world.

Signs &  Symbols

View our Signs &  Symbols area where we show you how to find and interpret these symbols. They will lead you to the inner coded map that shows the location of these hidden mines and treasures.


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Treasure Sites

You will gain access to the knowledge acquired by The Wizard on a 500 year old secret. It is a coded method of carving symbols on land,rocks and trees to create maps that the Spanish used to relocate lost mines and shipwreck locations. It was disguised to conceal the map so only their own people would be able to return and be capable of reading the map. See our Treasure Sites page


Offers will be considered for the complete 1865 collection, or portions thereof. The two photos below show some of the antique porcelain,china,glassware and medical instruments recovered from the shipwreck of the brig Baltic which sank in the great Bahamian hurricane in the year 1866 while sailing from New York to Galveston Texas to supply food and medicine to the thousands of wounded Confederate soldiers waiting to be released from the military at the end of the Civil War.

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Wizard Workshop

Wizard Workshop

WELCOME TO THE WIZARD WORKSHOP Hi guys & girls! Welcome to my workshop, have fun and if you have any questions you can contact me at info@historicsitesandshipwrecks.com Remember, the complexity is in the simplicity Sincerely, The Wizard...

The Wizard will act as a Consultant on your own projects. As time goes by we will be expanding the site content and features, and look forward to creating the ultimate treasure recovery web site. In essence this site will become a treasure in and of itself and you can discover lost Spanish treasure and historic sites and shipwrecks.


Sunken Treasure! Mere mention conjures up visions of elegant clipper ships, towering Spanish galleons and colorful pirates. Visions of gold doubloons, silver bars and jewel-studded medallions. We grew up with romantic nomenclatures describing far away places, “The Spanish Main,” or “The Spice Route.” As children we dreamed at some time or another of being on the trail of buried pirate booty – of rescuing, or being rescued.  More

In the photos below the trick of hiding something in plain sight will be shown to you.


Move Your Mouse Over The Above 

Photo To See Images carved in stone, such as the Inca Indian head (above) and the Bulls head in a reddish color, these pictographs were designed to be seen from great distances and each image had it’s own symbolic meaning.

Once interpreted properly they indicated the proper direction to travel in order to reach the concealed mines or treasure vaults.



These canyon stone treasure maps were found using the Peralta Stone maps. See the Peralta Stones in the Signs and Symbols section.

As a member you will be able to work with other HSS members on treasure sites around the world. We will teach you how to read and understand the coded symbolic language that the Spanish used to map all their treasure sites, mines and shipwrecks in the New World by carving symbols onto the landscape.

Once you understand how they show you a compass bearing and distance in symbolic code, you’ll be able to follow their instructions to the treasure, mine or shipwreck. As a member you can work from home on your computer.

The Forum

This photo shows you the numerous symbolic messages hidden on a mine site and how to interpret them to get compass bearings to treasure or the hidden mine.

Use your magnification to enlarge and rotate the photo as you examine it for symbols and symbolic meanings.

Question: What does the symbol for Snake mean?

Symbolizes the underworld and the realm of the dead. The biblical serpent, the embodiment of Satan in the garden of Eden. In Norse mythology a huge snake is wrapped around the earth, a symbol of the sea. Guardians of the treasures of the earth. The snake was the most revered of animals after the cow and the ape. Symbolizes meandering rivers.

Question: What does the symbol for Unicorn mean?

Usually portrayed as a white deer with a horses mane, cloven hoofs and a spiral horn growing out of its forehead. It protects you from poison. It is probably a wild buffalo.

Question: What does the symbol for Hair mean?

Popularly believed to be the carrier of the life force. Red hair was often considered diabolical.

You will see the shadow black 1/4 moon behind the girl which gives you a west compass bearing and the large trap stone with the lock stone to the right side. Above the lock stone you will see a mask for something hidden and to the right is an earth triangle,once you rotate the photo to the left you will see that the lock stone has a large dogs head shape with another dog hidden within beyond the white.The dogs represent guard dogs on the site and traps at that location.When the dog stone is rotated it also represents the Spanish boot and an arrow,the boot was also their purse and the arrow is direction to walk.There are numerous other symbols here which we will show you and explain in the forum when you are a member and we will post numerous photos in the FORUM and explain how to read their symbolism.


Become a member,learn how to read hidden symbolism and actually find hidden mines and treasures.


Tim Brodie