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Treasure Shop

Hello and welcome to the Treasure Shop. Here in the Treasure Shop you will be able to view and purchase civil war era shipwreck antiques and collectibles for sale, various pieces of porcelain, china, glassware, smoking pipes and other pottery recovered from the 1866 shipwreck "Baltic". This Brig was on her way from New York to Galveston Texas after returning from Europe and clearing customs in New York when she was caught and sunk in the great Bahamian hurricane of October 1st 1866.

A number of the recovered items were auctioned at Sloan Galleries in Miami, Florida but there are still pieces available for purchase that had not been identified and dated at that time. The Baltic was also carrying medical supplies, inks, smoking pipes, writing materials and food stuffs for the many Civil war soldiers waiting at the port of Galveston Texas to be mustered out of the Confederate army at the end of the Civil war. Become a member to purchase civil war era shipwreck antiques and collectibles for sale.

Thank you.

















TOP RIGHT Glass ware selection 1865

TOP LEFT  William Adams IV Worm Bowl Design

BOTTOM CENTRE German Thuringia Religious Statue 1864 SOLD

        BOTTOM LEFT William Adams IV Platter Columbia Series, Staffordshire

    BOTTOM RIGHT 1865 CATHEDRAL Pickle Bottles

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